InTheWorks Corporate Values

At InTheWorks, Inc. we rely on five key company values to guide our interactions with employees, clients, investors and partners.

  1. Respect. We respect each individual, be they a client, vendor, partner or employee. At InTheWorks, we do business with people, not companies.
  2. Excellence. We set high goals for InTheWorks and expect that we will exceed them. As a company, we work with each employee to set and achieve their personal and professional goals.
  3. Integrity. We adhere to high ethical standards, communicate openly and maintain personal accountability in all interactions.
  4. Sustainability (stewardship). We strive to make the most of the resources we rely on, be they human, environmental or technological and minimize waste wherever practical.
  5. Passion. We are passionate about our mission. A purpose-driven company and workforce can make a difference in our world.

These values create an environment where ideas and innovations flourish, long-term relationships are nurtured, and employees work hard to exceed the expectations of customers.