AutoCat Proof of Performance

AutoCatĀ© is a revolutionary catalytic converter that can be licensed and designed for new vehicles and for aftermarket needs. AutoCat has been recently tested for 3rd party validation on a GM 2011 Silverado 1500 Crew-cab truck equipped with the 5.3L engine. All emissions tested were within CARB mandated standards for California Emissions Equipped Vehicles; the most stringent of standards in the continental United States. In addition, fuel mileage was carefully tracked utilizing a calibrated scale over an extended steady state driving schedule utilizing the vehicle lab load cell; calibrated specifically to GM manufacturing standards of testing for the Silverado. Mileage improvements of 4-6% were documented, in addition, similar gains in engine performance measured at the rear wheels were achieved as well.

Latest 3rd party validation of 2011 GM Truck 5.3 liter engine.