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InTheWorks’ patented breakthrough innovation improves the energy efficiency of the combustion engine. It is a simple replacement of existing catalytic converters that significantly lowers the total cost of ownership. The patented technology is available for license. Manufacturers, OEM, and aftermarket suppliers benefit from achieving regulatory compliance for emissions reductions, increased fuel economy, enhanced operating efficiencies; and overall improved engine performance−all from one cost-effective solution.

Specifically, our independent third-party testing shows a 4 – 5% increase in fuel economy and a 4 – 6% increase in horsepower. Emissions tests easily meet the current EPA and CARB standards. Improved engine performance is achieved with 16-18% less catalyst precious metals, thereby reducing the overall manufacturing costs by approximately 12%.

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“This technology is incredible and clearly works. After installation on a cold engine the only thing noticeable was water vapor coming out of the tailpipe”−Carl Jantz, BS Mechanical Engineering and BS Industrial Design, Jantz Engineering



“The amazing efficiency of the converter and the cool outside temperature of the casing are unbelievable”−Timothy J. Leitz, WA State DOE Certified Emissions Specialist



“This incredible product met and exceeded my expectations.” −James L. Tiffany, Ford and ASE Master Technician



“Tighter regulations are a fact of life. Back in the ’90s we saw this as burdensome, but we now see this as an advantage. If we have the advantage, either in fuel economy or emissions or both, we’re going to gain market share.”—Tim Solso, Chairman and CEO of Cummins Inc.